From January 10th to February 10th of 2019    “I have gathered a posy of other men’s flowers, and nothing but the thread that binds them is my own.” – Michel de Montaigne Collage, for me, is a channel of negotiation in the modern world – a tool for intuitive discovery that acknowledges the global […]


from October 26th to 23rd November, 2018                Juliana Matsumura and Maria Albergaria | Evocatório I In Evocatório, a made up place between two, the works by Juliana Matsumura and Maria Albergaria are shown. Just as opening a trunk or a memory box, we are in a territory that can be perceived […]

Vera Carmo | Difácil

26th October – 24 de November 2017 Vera Carmo | Difácil   “Passa uma borboleta por diante de mim E pela primeira vez no Universo eu reparo Que as borboletas não têm cor nem movimento, Assim como as flores não têm perfume nem cor. A cor é que tem as asas da borboleta…” Obras Completas […]

FACTT Collective exhibition at MUTE

From 14th September to 13th October ARTISTS: Amy Youngs Andrew Carnie  Joana Ricou  Ken Rinaldo Manuel Furtado Maria Francisca de Abreu-Afonso Marta de Menezes e Luís Graça Pedro Miguel Cruz Paul Vanouse   Ken Rinaldo | Borderless Bacteria, colonialist cash Scientists have identified up to 3000 types of bacteria on dollar bills from just one […]


from the 1st to the 23rd of june   So when I appear as a kind of shamanistic figure, or allude to it, I do it to stress my belief in other priorities and the need to come up with a completely different plan for working with substances. For instance, in places like universities, where […]

Ricardo Valentim Nunes | Propulsor

From the 27th of april to the 26th of may 2017 Curated by João Silvério ..    Propulsion               Ricardo Valentim Nunes (Lisbon,1975) is an artist for whom the drawing praxis is equivalent to his cutaneous breathing. It is an essential way of living and not a survival action. And this is of utmost importance, as many […]

Mário Lopes | Forma Concisa

from the 23rd of March to the 21st of April 2017   “I try to simplify what somehow seems complex to me, exploring visual worlds that I still do not know. The expression” less is more “is making more sense to me.” Mário Lopes Short Bio: Mário Lopes (n. 1981) grew up in Leiria and from a young […]

Henrique Vieira Ribeiro | CT1LN Part I – Paulo V.’s Travels

from the 16th of February to the 18th of March                    But let’s not speak about facts. The facts no longer matter to anyone. They are only starting points for the invention and thinking. Jorge Luís Borges, “Utopia of a tired man“ in The book of Sand               Paulo V. was an […]

Márcio Carvalho | Bitter Past. Bitter Kola.

from the 12th of January to the 11th of February              Márcio Carvalho on this exhibition: For a long time, in Western societies, statues and monuments have been the temples of our memories. They are symbolic spaces of remembering and forgetting in which the time sequence of past and present are continuously recombined. These […]