from the 23rd of March to the 21st of April 2017


“I try to simplify what somehow seems complex to me, exploring visual worlds that I still do not know. The expression” less is more “is making more sense to me.”

Mário Lopes

Short Bio:

Mário Lopes (n. 1981) grew up in Leiria and from a young age was interested in stone sculpting, having studied in the Arts and Crafts School in Mosteiro da Batalha. He then moved to Italy to study in the Beaux-Arts Academy in Carrara, getting a BA in Sculpture in 2005. Having worked with many international artist an travelling the world, he stayed in Japan where he got an MA in Sculpture at Tama Art University in Tokio.

Mário Lopes explores sculpture, painting, prints and tapestry in abstract themes related to growth, expansion and evolution of matter in space.





Video by Arte Institute, March 2017