MUTE Residency Program

Note: MUTE Residents share space with other Mute Projects (namely courses, gallery visits and other special events).


  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • Project and proposal for the residency

Terms and responsibilities:

  • At the end of the residency the space must be left in the same fashion as it was found, being of the residents responsibility the cost of any damage
  • Only residents are allowed in MUTE at night, unless previously agreed with the manager
  • The resident artist must acquire by its own means all working material and costs as transportation and food

Provided by MUTE:

  • Accommodation (w/ wifi, kitchen, bathroom)
  • Shared work space
  • Exhibition space (gallery space)
  • Vinyl for the exhibitions (artists name, title and date of the exhibition)
  • 250 paper invites, hand outs and price list
  • Press release and Mailing List
  • Food and beverages for the opening

Required by MUTE:

  • Two drawings or two small works for MUTE’s collection
  • 40% over all sales
  • Setup and takedown of the exhibition
  • Artwork transportation

Required minimum 2 months before the opening (for press and mailing list proposes):

  • Title of the exhibition
  • Artist statement (1 paragraph)
  • 2 high resolution photographs of the work
  • Work details (title, medium, dimensions in cm, year, price)
  • Artist biography (1 paragraph)



Informações - residências