Visual Culture

around the contemporary


Responsible: Manuel Furtado

Schedule: Monday from 19:30 to 21:00

Starts on 27 March and ends on 19 June

Nº of Sessions: 12 – weekly classes

Price: 30€ (registration) + 150€

Payment modalities3 terms (50€+50€+50€) or cash payment (offer of the registration fee)


Beginning with introducing a fundamental contextualization, this course aims to expand a vision through the ages with a particular focus in the XX and XXI century.
Around Painting and Sculpture will be identified strategies, methodologies and influential themes that are often more relevant than the movements themselves and their classification. This is especially true for anyone who wants to understand, appreciate or produce art today. In a very stimulating and intense, rather than contemplative, rhythm, discussions will be opened and present provocations and a profusion of works of crucial artists in the international scene, rather than conclusions. Artists, works and fundamental visual thinking will be recombined and “remixed” into a provocative formula that will bring much more than the themes and titles announce. We will not, therefore, seek to both categorize but rather establish links and “hybridize”.


Main Objectives:
– Bring visual thinking to the contemporary paradigm.
– Provoke with fundamental and open images and comments to stimulate debate.
– Promote questions based on crucial works and artists.
– Empowering the autonomy of thought and interpretation.
– Promote awareness of the fundamental strategies to see, feel and think Art.
– Extend the universe of artists, strategies and languages that support the contemporary.



  1. Classical Sculpture
    Material, beauty and function
  1. Optical technology
    Renaissance the new paradigm
  1. Modern sculpture
    Acceleration and revolution in space
  1. Photography
    Tansformation of painting
  1. Utopia and Dystopia
    Creating future worlds
  1. Postmodernism
    The indefinable absent canon
  1. Appropriation
    Homage or validation?
  1. Authenticity
    Simulation or reality?
  1. Minimal & Conceptual
    Form or speech?
  1. Art Povera & Land Art
    Revaluation and recontextualization
  1. Installation
    Participation and immersiveness
  1. Documenta Kassel
    Today’s challenges


Manuel Furtado

Academic Background:
2007 Master of Arts, – Fine Arts, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Londres
2006 Bachelor of Arts with Honours – First Class, Coventry University – School of Art and Design
He coursed Medicine from 1998 to 2000 and Biological Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico from 2000 to 2003

Teaching Experience:
He was teacher at Escola Arte Ilimitada from 2009 to 2014 both theoretical and practical courses.
Co-advisor of curricular interships both bachelor´s and master´s  in the framework of the partnership between MUTE and Universidade Nova (FCSH) to students of Art History.
Teaching experience in Palestine (Jenine, Cis-Jordan) with teenagers from 12 to 17 during a month at a refugee camp in partnership with the Ministry of Social Security of Palestine.
Founder and Director of the MUTE project – Contemporary Art platform, having been responsible for 3 years both for the exhibition program, structuring of residences / talks and also of the pedagogical project / courses.
Teaching experience at the Alfredo da Silva School in the framework of the Summer School project in partnership with the American School and Novabase.